The 2nd edition of the “World Film Festival Kolkata,” organised by the Eastern Federation of Film Societies of India, is set to showcase a selection of films from Bangladesh.

Among the featured films are “Satao” directed by Khandaker Sumon, “Patal Ghor” directed by Noor Imran Mithu, and “Nona Pani” directed by Syeda Nigar Banu.

The festival aims to celebrate global cinema and promote cultural exchange through an array of cinematic creations.

Vice Chairman of the Federation of Film Societies of India, Mr. Premendra Majumdar praised, “Bangladesh’s growing significance in the world of cinema and  presence in various international film festivals reflects its rising prominence in the global film community.”

“Satao,” a film rooted in the struggles of farmers, the universal essence of motherhood, and the vibrant rural narratives, has garnered attention for its heart-warming storytelling. The film captures the essence of rural life, showcasing both its joys and sorrows.

The festival has chosen to highlight Bangladesh’s cinematic achievements as “Satao” competes in Russia’s 19th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. Moreover, the film received the prestigious “Fipresci Award” for Best Bangladeshi Film at the 21st Dhaka International Film Festival.

Its international journey continued with a screening at India’s 53rd International Film Festival of India in Goa.

Directed by Khandaker Sumon, “Satao” has received praise for its portrayal of a farmer’s life in the midst of challenges. The film features acclaimed actor Fazlul Haque as the protagonist. Khandaker Suman’s storytelling, direction, and screenplay have resonated with audiences, painting a vivid picture of rural life’s intricacies.

This edition of the “World Film Festival Kolkata” provides a platform for diverse narratives and cinematic expressions, fostering cross-cultural connections and celebrating the art of cinema.

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