Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batsman Nurul Hasan’s injury did not heal, but the doctor did the wrong operation!

Despite the surgery, Nurul Hasan’s injury did not heal

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Many times players undergo surgery after major injuries and are fully fit after a few days, but something else happened with Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batsman Nurul Hasan. According to media reports, Nurul Hasan suffered an injury during the tour of Zimbabwe, after which he underwent surgery on his finger. But instead of recovering from the surgery, the injury became his headache. Nurul Hasan said that perhaps his surgery did not go well and his finger is still in a lot of pain.

According to a report published by Cricbuzz, Bangladesh wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan has said that he is worried about his career as the finger is not healing even after the surgery. Hasan’s surgery was done in Singapore. Surgeon Dr. Raffles Hospital operated on his finger. After that he played T20 series and T20 World Cup against New Zealand. But now the player has revealed that he was playing these matches in pain.

Hasan was playing with the injection

Nurul Hasan said that even after the surgery, he was suffering from pain. Played second Test against India with injection. Nurul Hasan said, ‘After the injection, his finger became numb and he could not do anything.’

Nurul Hasan said, now there is doubt about his own surgery. They are just praying and waiting for their suffering to subside. Nurul said, now she feels that it would have been better not to have the surgery. The medical department of the Bangladesh Cricket Board also admitted that Nurul Hasan was playing against India with injections.

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Nurul Hasan could not perform well

Let’s say that this wicketkeeper of Bangladesh is not able to perform well with the bat due to finger pain. He could only score 6 and 31 in the Mirpur Test against India. Even in the Chittagong Test, he managed to play an innings of 16 and 3 runs. These players could not score a single half century in T20 World Cup.

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