For most Indians, tea tops the list of favourite hot beverages. Chai lovers around the world swear by their cuppa, and cannot do without a piping hot cup of their favourite tea every morning and evening. It doesn’t just lift their mood but also keeps them energised the whole day. People’s choice of chai can be cutting or masala, elaichi or adrak or it might be the healthier ones, including green tea. There is tea for every palate, but have you come across a chai with the fruity spin of dragon fruit? Well, if you are in Bangladesh, you might want to take a sip of that. 

Recently, a tea from the neighbouring country came to the limelight when a food blogger shared a video of the unique chai, with the flavour of dragon fruit. This quirky creation has definitely piqued the curiosity of netizens for its beautiful pink colour. The video shared on Instagram @thegreatindianfoodie has received over 105k views and more than 2k likes. “Pink Dragon Fruit waali chai ! Ye interesting reel aapke liye all the way from Bangladesh”, wrote the blogger in the caption.  

In the video, we can see a street vendor making the interesting chai, where he adds a piece of a fresh dragon fruit to the regular tea, and mixes it well. He finishes it off with a dash of condensed milk, before serving it hot and fresh. Take a look:

 Looks unique, doesn’t it? The internet also thinks so, and had mixed reactions to the dragon fruit chai. Some felt that this bizarre creation was an unnecessary one, and spoilt the original chai recipe. A few others thought that this could be given a try, and could actually taste fruity and delicious. 

Before this pink fruity chai found itself trending online, it was the Kashmiri Noon chai that had the netizens drooling. Noon chai too has a wholesome pink colour and an interesting taste. What did you think of the unique dragon fruit chai from Bangladesh? Let us know. 

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