MISSOULA, Mont. – October has finally commenced and everyone’s seeing orange! The time has come for many families to pick the pumpkin at the turner farm annual pumpkin festival, they call ‘October Fest.’  

As this rolls out for the fall season as the hunt for the perfect pumpkins begins, kicking off a 13-year tradition with help from some eager farm friends. It wasn’t easy getting to this point following years of weather not cooperating with the farm’s plans. 

The pumpkin crop has only yielded about half of what they’re used to for the fall season, but the turner family, owner Jon Turner wasn’t going to let this minor setback bring down the festivities. 

“I’ve been scrambling to everyone that I know, farmers that I know to get enough pumpkins so we can have this, it’s tough, we can’t grow enough so we rely on our relationships with other farmers to do that, it’s worked so, we got itit took a lot but we got them here,” said Turner.  

And they’re not only ones, as a family farm his son Logan came down to keep this tradition going, sharing the experience with the community where our food is locally grown. 

“You know growing food for people and really making a difference, I really love working on tractors, I love working out in the field so definitely being out in the field and being the farmer behind this whole show is definitely my favorite part for sure,” Logan Turner.  

Jon Turner says the scrambling to fill the tractors and all three pumpkin patches were all worthwhile to see all the smiles from families and kids searching for their perfect pumpkin here on the farm. 

If you missed todaythere’s‘ no need to worry because there are plenty of pumpkins to go around. The pumpkin patch is open Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to6 pm and Sunday and Wednesdays from 12 pm to 5 pm.  

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