The government has announced Tk 10,520 as gross monthly minimum pay for workers of the country’s fishing trawler industry, increasing the pay from Tk 5,200 set in 2015.

The labour ministry announced the wage structure which was proposed by the minimum wage board through a gazette notification on November 28.

Earlier, the minimum wage board formed for the sector in March 2021 finalised its proposal recommending Tk 10,520 as the minimum wage and it had been sent the recommendation to the labour ministry on June 14, 2022.

In the newly announced wage structure, the ministry has incorporated seven grades for fishing trawler industry sector workers and the minimum monthly wage for the workers in the grade seven would be Tk 10,520.

The amount includes Tk 6,800 as basic pay, 40 per cent of the basic pay (Tk 2,720) as house rent and Tk 1,000 as medical allowance.

The gross monthly minimum wage for the workers of grade six has been set at Tk 13,600 including Tk 9,000 as basic pay, gross wage for the grade five workers at Tk 16,050 including Tk 10,750 as basic pay.

According to the gazette notification, the minimum monthly wage for the workers of the grade four has been set at Tk 19,200, for the grade three at Tk 23,120, for the grade two at Tk 24,800 and for the grade one at Tk 26,340.

The labour ministry has also set Tk 7,000 as the gross monthly pay for apprentice workers of the sector with a provision for a three-month apprenticeship.

The government has also incorporated a provision in the new wage structure of five per cent annual increment.

According to the government data, a total of 204 commercial fishing trawlers with about 5,000 trained workers are catching marine fishes in Bangladesh.

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