Paris: A British national caught one of the world’s largest goldfish while fishing in France. It is a huge orange fish, weighing about 30 kg. The person who caught the fish named it ‘Carat’ because of its orange colour. This fish is a hybrid species of leather carp and koi carp which are orange in colour. The age of the fish that has been caught is about 20 years. Britain’s Janus Cowler put it in the lake for fishing in France.

There have been attempts to catch this fish for years. Hardly it has ever been seen outside the water. When 42-year-old angler Andy Hackett put his hook into the water for fishing, he got the fish only after 25 minutes. The fish was twice the size of a 13kg orange koi carp found in the south of France in 2010. Andy Hackett is a company director in Kidderminster in Worcestershire. He broke the record by catching this fish in Bluewater Lake in Champagne.

put the fish back in the water
He said, ‘I always knew that the carat was in the lake, but I did not expect that she would fall into my trap. I knew it was a big fish because it was pulling the net here and there. Later orange colored fish appeared on the surface. It was a good experience to catch this fish, but it was also a game of luck. Anglers took pictures with it after catching a fish and later they released it back into the water. They celebrated fishing with a cup of tea.
Was left in the lake 20 years ago
Lake manager Jason Cowler said: ‘We released carats into the lake about 20 years ago to give anglers something unique to get their hands on. When they get it their happiness will be different. But this fish was very ‘elusive’, because it was not visible on the surface. She was seen only occasionally. Its health is good. Congratulations to Andy for his success.

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