A grant worth BDT 19 lakhs and 20 thousand were provided to six films, out of which Akhtaruzzaman’s “Suchona Rekhar Dike” remained incomplete.


BDT 24 lakhs was granted for six films each. Mirza Sakhawat Hossain’s “Dhoka” and Faruk Hossain’s “Kaktarua” were never released.


Six films obtained BDT 35 Lakhs this year. Maruf Hasan Arman was granted a fund for “Nekre Aronnyo”, however, even after taking the first installment, he never responded to any calls from the ministry. Since he missed the deadline, a case was filed against him. It was also alleged that he bought land with the amount he received from grant.


Seven full-length films received BDT 35 Lakhs, and 5 short films received BDT 10 Lakhs each. Tareque Masud’s “Kagojer Phul” was one of them. Sadly after receiving the grant, he was killed in a car crash. Later, the producer and Tareque’s wife Catherine Masud appealed to return the amount, which the ministry did not approve and requested her instead to make the film.

Tokon Thakoor went behind the bars in 2020 for not being able to submit “Kata”. The film, as of yet, did not happen.

The Information Ministry also filed case against Nargis Akter for “Joiboti Konnyar Mon”, for not being able to submit it.

Jaa Nessar Osman’s children’s film “Ponchoshongi” and Danny Sidaks’ “Kashar Thalay Rupali Chad” are not released as of yet.


None of the directors of the short films were able to submit their projects on time.


Seven full length feature and five short films were granted aid. Sara Afreen’s “Shongkhodhoni” (later titled Shikolbaha) awaits release after getting clearance from the censor board, Laura Talukder’s “Briddhasrom” and Pantho Prasad’s “Sabitri”. Also, Kauser Chowdhury’s documentary “Boddhyobhumite Ekdin”, none of them has any update about their release.


Six films, out of which one is Children’s’ film “Priyo Jonmobhumi”, by Shohanur Rahman Sohan, one documentary and four full-fledged—Shabnam Ferdousi directorial project “Ajob Shundor”, “Day Mukti” by Kamal Sarker, and Ferdous Alam Siddiqi’s documentary film “Ekjon Mariam” none of them were released.


Children’s film Manik Manobik’s “Ajob Chhele”, documentary “Obolombon” by Abid Hossain Khan,  still await release.


“Nosu Dakat Kupokat” to be helmed by Abu Raihan Jewel, documentary film “Bilkis Ebong Bilkis” by Humaira Bilkis and Purobi Matin’s “Khelaghor”. These works did not see the light, yet.

After Kabori Sarwar’s demise, her unfinished project, “Ei Tumi Shei Tumi”, remined incomplete. However, her son told to the media that he will complete the film for his mother.

Akram Khan’s “Bidhobader Kotha” has no update.

Hossain Mobarak Rumi’s “Onteshtokria” is also waiting for release. First lot of the shooting was done.

Hridi Huq’s “1971 Shei Shob Din” and Shomi Kaiser’s production “Shopno Mrittu Bhalobasha” also awaits release.

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