The Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase (CCGO) in a virtual meeting on Wednesday approved six proposals including two for the procurement of soybean oil and the import of fertiliser.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal presided over the meeting while other members of the committee attended it.

As per a proposal, placed by the Commerce Ministry, the state-owned Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) will procure 22 million (2.20 crore) litres of Soybean oil from local suppliers for its open market sale (OMS) programme.

However, it was not immediately known which companies are the suppliers and whether the companies are selected through direct procurement method (DPC) or through an open tender process.

Sayeed Mahbub Khan, additional secretary of the Cabinet Division, who briefed about the decisions of the CCGP meeting, said the proposal was placed on the table in an instant move and he had no detailed information on the matter.

Two proposals from the Agriculture Ministry on the import of a total 80,000 metric tonne (MT) of fertiliser received the nod of the committee.

Of these, state-owned Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) will import 50,000MT of Muriate of Potash (MOP) from Canadian Commercial Corporation under state-level contract at Tk358.48 crore.

Each MT of fertiliser will cost $679.65 while the previous rate of such fertiliser was $778.17/MT.

The BADC will import 30,000MT of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) fertiliser from OCP, SA of Morocco at a cost of Tk150.67 crore under a state-level contract.

Each MT of TSP will cost $474 while the previous rate of such a product was $687.25 per MT.

The committee approved three proposals for Dhaka Wasa, placed by the Local Government Division.

Of these, Dhaka Wasa (Water Supply and Sewerage Authority) will award a Tk420.06 crore contract to the Joint Venture of (1) CCECC, China; (2) SafBon, China and (3) SMEDI, China for the civil works of the package No-WD-2 under Dhaka Sanitation Improvement Project (DSIP).

Under the same DSIP, Dhaka Wasa will award a Tk229.72 crore contract for civil works of package No-3 to the Joint Venture of (1) Gypsum Structural India Pvt. Ltd, India; (2) EMIT Group Ercole Marelli Technologici, Italy and (3) Khilari Infrastructure Private Ltd, India.

Under the same project of DSIP, Dhaka Wasa will appoint DOHWA Engineering Co.Ltd., Korea as its consultant at Tk70.77 crore.

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