Tillage agriculture, afforestation threaten tropical savannas in western Maharashtra: Study

Changes in land use like tillage agriculture and afforestation have adversely affected the plant communities of savannas in western Maharashtra, according to a research paper. ((PIC FOR REPRESENTATION))

Pune: Changes in land use have adversely affected the plant communities of old-growth savannas that once occupied a broad rainfall gradient in western Maharashtra. A study published in “Journal of Ecology” by British Ecological Society on November 22 states that savannas are becoming increasingly rare due to agricultural conversion and afforestation. Changes in land use […]

Beginning farmers face constant, unique stressors compared to conventional farmers, study finds

Beginning farmers face constant, unique stressors compared to conventional farmers, study finds

A recent Ohio State University study found 58% of beginning farmers face additional stressors and anxieties compared to conventional farmers. Several studies show stress, depression and anxiety is highest among farmers compared to other professions. But few include the experiences of beginning farmers, a recent Ohio State University study suggests. The study — conducted in […]

Study Finds Autonomous AI Boosts Medical Caregivers’ Productivity by 40% in Bangladesh

The new research is the first randomized trial ever to be published on the efficiency gains of autonomous AI NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Orbis International, Digital Diagnostics, and Deep Eye Care Foundation, Bangladesh, announce new findings demonstrating autonomous AI significantly improves the productivity of medical caregivers testing for diabetic eye disease by 40%. […]

Study finds only 4pc of leading firms achieve UN climate targets

Half of the world’s 2,000 biggest listed companies have set a target to get to net-zero emissions by mid-century, but just a fraction meet tough United Nations guidelines for what constitutes a quality pledge, a report on Monday showed. Net Zero Tracker, an independent data consortium including Oxford University, said corporate targets from Forbes2000 index […]

Africa unlikely to follow East Asia’s manufacturing growth path -study

Senator celebrates Berks farming program for veterans

WASHINGTON, Oct 30 (Reuters) – African countries are less likely to follow East Asia’s development model of expanding manufacturing to pull people out of poverty, according to a study that shows a declining share of factory jobs for most countries by mid-century. The new paper released on Monday by the Center for Global Development shows […]

Study: West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse is unavoidable

Study: West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse is unavoidable

A study by the British Antarctic Society published in the journal Nature Climate Change on Monday claims, “We are now committed to the rapid increase in the rate of ocean warming and ice shelf melting over the rest of the century.” Lead author, oceanographer Kaitlin Naughten, said of the study, “Our main question here was: […]

Strategic sustainability practices in intercropping-based family farming systems: study on rural communities of Iran – Scientific Reports

Muluneh, A., Stroosnijder, L., Keesstra, S. & Biazin, B. Adapting to climate change for food security in the Rift Valley dry lands of Ethiopia. J. Agric. Sci. 155(5), 703–724 (2017). Article  CAS  Google Scholar  Nyssen, J., Frankl, A., Zenebe, A., Poesen, J. & Deckers, J. Environmental conservation for food production and sustainable livelihood in tropical […]

Study: Deforestation caused by rubber is vastly underestimated

Study: Deforestation caused by rubber is vastly underestimated

Deforestation for rubber cultivation has been “substantially underestimated”, and is two to three times higher than generally assumed, a new study said on Wednesday. Using satellite data and cloud computing, scientists said they compiled the first detailed accounting of deforestation for rubber production in Southeast Asia, which accounts for most of global production. It suggests […]

Public health hazards increase in BD: Study

Public health in Bangladesh is being seriously affected by climate change through disasters like drought, flood and cyclone, destroying land, damaging health facilities and harming people, reveals a new report. According to the report, a 46-per cent increase in extreme weather events is evident in Bangladesh. In 2021, the summer season experienced a rise of […]