Microsoft’s pursuit of climate goals runs into headwinds

Microsoft’s pursuit of climate goals runs into headwinds

Microsoft’s carbon emissions were up 21.5% in the 12 months through June 2021, after small declines in 2020 and 2019. The increase was almost entirely driven by emissions from energy used to build data centres and make devices — like the Xbox and the Surface tablet — and from the power that Microsoft estimates its […]

World’s top emitters a long way from aligning with climate goals


File photo: Investor group managing more than $16 trillion launched the world’s first step-by-step plan to help pension funds & others align their portfolios with Paris Agreement goals Twitter None of the companies have fully disclosed how they will achieve their goals to become a net zero business by 2050 or sooner The world’s biggest […]

UN: Latest climate pledges very far from Paris goals

File photo: The Collins Glacier is seen in the Fildes Bay, on King George island, Antarctica on February 2, 2019 Reuters Many leading polluters — including China, the US and Japan — either missed the NDC deadline or failed to build upon existing pledges, according to Climate Action Tracker Renewed promises to slash greenhouse gas […]