Debate over the transition of fossil fuel companies to clean energy

The world stands at a crossroads where the environmental impact of human activities is prompting a significant re-evaluation of our energy sources. The debate surrounding the transition of fossil fuel companies to clean energy has become a focal point in discussions about sustainability, economic growth, and environmental preservation. This shift represents a profound challenge, laden […]

Making use of climate funds to address health issues

The general public is well aware of the fact that the increasing number of natural calamities like cyclones, floods, downpours, droughts, heat waves and forest fires are what climate change is about and that global warming is the culprit. Also, the mitigation and adaptation measures to limit and contain the impacts of the natural calamities […]

Abnormal slump in beef prices, surge in feed cost

In a startling turn of events, the nation’s aquaculture and poultry industry have been rocked by an unprecedented slump in beef prices over the past three weeks. This unforeseen downturn has resulted in a significant and unsettling drop in prices of cultured fish, farm eggs and chicken though their production cost increased amid rocketing surge […]

Soil and water – Asia-Pacific’s bread and butter

Soil and water - Asia-Pacific's bread and butter

Here, in the world’s most populous region, there is a crisis slowly unfolding that involves the earth beneath our feet. The soil that has been producing the food we eat and supporting the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of farmers and others, is under threat. Often referred to as the “Skin of the Earth,” soil […]

Chilli farming receives a boost on northern Chars

BOGURA, Dec 04: Farmers in different Char (shoal) areas of the northern region, especially Sirajganj, Bogura, Pabna, Rangpur and Gaibandha districts, are opting for chilli farming expecting higher yield and profit. Some renowned spice processing companies of the country have been collecting chilli from here for the last few years offering reasonable prices. Good yield […]

‘Investing for children, women can give lifelong returns’

Fisheries and Livestock Secretary Dr Nahid Rashid on Monday said investing in children and women can give lifelong returns, reports UNB. “Previously, there was no mention of ‘nutrition’ in the National Fisheries Policy, but thanks to Suchana we have now included nutrition in the policy revision,” she said. Speaking as the chief guest, the Secretary […]

Climate change spreads disease-carrying mosquitoes

DUBAI, Dec 3 (Reuters): Heat stress. Lung damage from wildfire smoke. The spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes into new regions as temperatures rise. These are just a few of the ways that public health has been impacted and compounded by climate change – a focus for the first time ever at the annual U.N. climate summit […]

BD’s Beijing mission seeks govt measures

FE REPORT The Bangladesh mission in Beijing has requested the government back home to take necessary measures for inspecting the exporting firms of aquatic creatures with intent to scrutinise compliance requirements. Sources said the edible aquatic animal products include live mud crab and eel fish. To this end, the Bangladesh mission has recently written to […]

Dried fish production declines in Chalan Beel area

BOGURA, Nov 30: Dried fish production in greater Chalan Beel is being seriously hampered this season due to a drastic fall in fish supply caused by indiscriminate netting of mother fishes during the breeding period. Industry insiders apprehend that dried fish production in the wetland may fall short of target this year. It is to […]