Sky-high feed prices pushing poultry, dairy farmers over the edge

Infographic: TBS

Small poultry and dairy farms shut down as higher input costs make businesses unprofitable 24 November, 2022, 02:30 pm Last modified: 24 November, 2022, 02:26 pm Chattogram dairy farmer Jasim Uddin thought he had reached the tipping point during the pandemic. Sales dropped almost to zero as feed prices kept gyrating. But he managed to […]

Small-scale farmers feed the world, but we are at a breaking point

Small-scale farmers feed the world, but we are at a breaking point

Governments also recognised the need for more sustainable food production but – in a blow for food producers and food security – stopped short of financially backing a shift to ‘agroecological’ farming. Agroecological approaches promote more diverse food production, a reduction in the use of harmful chemical inputs, and the creation of farmer cooperatives with […]

U.S. Feed the Future program expands in 8 African countries

Graphic listing Feed the Future program's eight new target countries in Africa (State Dept./M. Gregory. Photos: USAID; Karin Bridger/USAID)

Mboga na Matunda agronomist Zakaria Mwaisaka (right) trains local government extension officer Salome Ulimboka on plant fertilization methods in Tanzania. The country is one of eight African nations included in a Feed the Future initiative. (© Likati Thomas/Feed the Future Tanzania Mboga na Matunda) Justine Konde wanted to remove pests from her small farm in […]

Study: Change in livestock food could feed a billion people

Diverting grain and other feed for livestock to human consumption could boost food supply sufficiently to feed an additional billion people, according to research released on Monday. Many livestock animals and farmed fish are fed on foods such as cereals, fish and pulses that are edible for humans. As the world struggles to feed hundreds […]

Bangladesh’s fish, poultry feed output falls 20pc

FHM HUMAYAN KABIR | Published: March 20, 2022 09:55:17 | Updated: March 20, 2022 18:31:49 Country’s fish and poultry feed manufacturers have cut production by around 20 per cent due to high prices of raw materials, which is likely to cause further hike in prices of fish, meat and egg, insiders said on Saturday. They […]

Animal feed industry takes a big hit over edible oil price hike

The surge in soybean oil price has dealt a blow to the country’s animal feed industry that heavily depends on soybean meal, a by-product of the extraction of soybean oil from seeds, said the sector insiders. Currently, the refinery companies are unable to raise prices of edible oils further in the local market because of […]

Dairy farmers helpless as feed prices jump in wake of war

Jasim Uddin, a dairy farm owner, sells over 100 litres of milk daily in Chattogram. He usually makes a modest profit, but recently he has been suffering huge losses as the price of cattle feed has risen sharply in the last 15 days. “I am on the verge of shutting down my farm as the […]