Witch doctors still call the shots

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When Bangladesh has nearly entered the age of AI (artificial intelligence) news casting on TV, a recent FE photograph showing a female ‘ojha’ treating a baby dengue patient on a young mother’s lap commands sheer incredulity. The Mugda Medical College and Hospital, currently the largest dengue treating facility in Dhaka, is not too far. Scores […]

Virat-Rohit’s career is in danger, the doctors did the wrong operation

Virat-Rohit's career is in danger, the doctors did the wrong operation

Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batsman Nurul Hasan’s injury did not heal, but the doctor did the wrong operation! Despite the surgery, Nurul Hasan’s injury did not heal Image credit source: GETTY IMAGES Many times players undergo surgery after major injuries and are fully fit after a few days, but something else happened with Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batsman Nurul Hasan. According […]

Migrants have higher education levels than most Australians, so why are doctors and engineers driving taxis?


Few people have a CV as impressive as Amin Niazai. Key points: New census data reveals that migrants have an average higher level of education than people born in Australia Many migrants struggle to find work or are employed well below their education levels Skilled professional migrant training courses are not widely available in Australia The 35-year-old Afghan-born Melburnian […]