The number of tourists in the Sundarbans’ Karamjal has increased as people are enjoying an extended weekend with Shab-e-Meraj falling on Sunday.

A huge crowd was seen at the Karamjal tourism centre on Saturday. The incoming tourists were going to different parts of the forest by trawlers and launches, enjoying the natural beauty.

Forest guards have been struggling to cope with the rush of tourists since Friday.

Officials in charge of the Karamjal tourism centre are expecting more tourist influx during Shab-e-Meraj. 

Anirban Mahaldar, a student at Dhaka University, said the experience of visiting the largest mangrove forest in the world was mesmerizing. 

“The beauty of the Sundarbans cannot be realized only by reading books or watching videos. If we had not come here, we would not have understood how beautiful the Sundarbans really is. Therefore, we decided to spend three more days here to experience the hypnotic beauty of the mangrove forest,” said Anirban. 

Panna Begum, a primary-school teacher, came to Karamjal from Munshiganj with her family. “We were able to visit the Sundarbans in a really short time thanks to the Padma Bridge. It took only three and a half hours to get here,” she said. 

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A few school students visiting the Sundarbans from Jessore said they enjoyed the beauty of Sundarbans for a long time by climbing the watch tower. They were very happy to see the footprints of tigers.

Howladar Azad Kabir, the person in charge of the Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Centre, said: “Tourists are flocking to Karamjal for the weekend and the Shab-e-Meraj holiday. Almost 3,000 tourists came here on Friday. The number of tourists has been increasing since the launch of the Padma Bridge.”

“The pressure will increase more tomorrow during Shab-e-Meraj. These three days will generate more revenue than other days,” he said. 

Apart from Karamjal, the number of tourists is also increasing in other tourist centres of Sundarbans, he added. 

Tour operator Golam Rahman Bittu said: “More than 150 trawlers and launches have entered the Sundarbans since Friday morning. More than 3,000 tourists have travelled on these boats.”

Located between Bangladesh and India, the Sundarbans is the biggest natural mangrove forest in the world. 

The beauty of the forest and its biodiversity never fail to attract tourists. Over the years, it has become an integral part of the country’s tourism sector.

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