Now it is not possible to save the environment only with awareness, said speakers at a press conference on Monday.
Implementation of policies requires the collective initiative of people at all levels, they said.
For this purpose, Bangladesh Environment Movement (Bapa) and Bangladesh Environment Network (Ben) organized a two-day gathering and conference on January 13-14 in collaboration with various universities, research institutes and various private and civic organizations on various environmental problems and solutions of Bangladesh.
Bapa and BEN announced this in a press conference organized at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) on Monday.
 Alamgir Kabir, member secretary of the Environment Assembly Committee, said in a written speech that Bangladesh’s economy has lately developed. Construction is underway on numerous roads, bridges, power plants, etc.
 The environment is rapidly degrading as a result of this. Numerous rivers have dried up and been overtaken by land. Lakes, ponds, canals are all disappearing, and what is left today is very contaminated, he said.
“It is clear that the nation’s mountainous and forested environments are degrading. Already, Bangladesh has fewer forests. What was there is quickly vanishing. Due to industrialization and urbanization, shalban is vanishing in Madhupur and Gazipur. The forest area of the Chittagong Hill Tracts has been diminished and is now in danger due to settlement, the growth of plantations and other forms of agriculture, and the construction of numerous governmental and commercial facilities. The inhabitants of the highlands are in danger of losing their lives,” added Alamgit Kabir.
It has been said that the government has adopted the Watershed Protection Act. The highest court of the country has recognized rivers as living entities. Environment-friendly construction norms have been adopted. In other environment oriented policies, laws, regulations, some steps have been taken to depollution but it is not being implemented.
In order to show and increase public support for environmental protection, a rally will be organized at Shaheed Minar in Dhaka on January 13-14 with the help of other environmental friendly organizations of Bapa.
 The press conference was also attended by Bapa executive member Professor M Shahidul Islam, Bapa joint secretary Mihir Biswas, BEN academic coordinator Dr Md Khalikuzzaman and others.

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