Bangladesh has always been a land defined by its agricultural capabilities, with a significant portion of the population dependent on this sector for their livelihoods.

It is unfortunate, thus, that despite the potential our agricultural sector holds, our nation has shifted its focus to industrialized and outsourced foods.

In recent years, the government has begun prioritizing the development of the agriculture sector, but in order to expand upon the sector sustainably, individual efforts are also a necessity at this time.

As such, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s suggestion to encourage and facilitate rooftop agriculture in cities across the country must be heeded, and could potentially be a stepping stone towards greater food safety for all.

Under a project titled Dhaka Food System (DFS), 20 rooftop-agriculture plots are to be set up as demonstration, which could ideally encourage more of the general public to participate in this practice.

Our urban development — while commendable and crucial for our overall progress — has taken away from what could have been utilized to better our agriculture sector. As per data, approximately 4,500 hectares of land in Dhaka alone consists of unused space, which could be transformed into rooftop gardens for a more efficient approach to our agricultural needs.

If more of our country’s population, city-dwellers in particular, take part in growing fruits and vegetables on their rooftops, it is safe to believe that the food safety, sustainable establishment of food sources, and reduction of food wastage in our country can be achieved sooner.

However, while this innovative practice is appreciated, ultimately, we need to be able to ensure that our traditional agriculture sector is cultivated to be as efficient as possible, so as to battle the global food crisis.

With collective efforts from the government, relevant organizations, and the general public, Bangladesh’s food production capacity can certainly be expanded in a way that fits our needs.

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