There are some similar places and products in both Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Among them, some eight products – Fazli Mango, Malda Lakshan Bhog Mango, Malda Khirshapati, Nakshi Kantha, Banglar Rosogolla, Upadha Jamdani, Garad Saree, and Sundarbans’ natural honey – have already received GI status in India, despite their extensive existence in Bangladesh.

India is yet to provide GI status to some more products that prevail in both countries, including Water Lily, Jackfruit, Sundarbans’ Golpata, Sundari Tree, different species of fish, tea, and jute.

Rajeev Ahmed, a GI researcher and former president of the E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (ECAB), said, “Products like Water Lily, Jackfruit, or Jute are recognised as our national emblem as well as our national pride. It will be a great embarrassment for us if Bangladesh fails to secure GI status for these products earlier.”

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