Despite its many triumphs as a developing country, Bangladesh remains highly susceptible to the devastating impacts of climate change and its ensuing difficulties for the world at large — in fact, we are indeed at the frontlines.

One of the most prominent threats at this time is the energy crisis worldwide, Russia’s ill-conceived invasion of Ukraine, has shed further light on just how fragile the worldwide energy infrastructure is.

It is vital, therefore, that we continue to explore and build renewable energy options — something that Bangladesh has been visibly lagging behind for many years now.

However, such a feat will only be possible with the assistance from international allies and relevant authorities, since, as a nation, we still lack the knowledge, technology, and resources to make our renewable energy dreams a reality.

The long-standing support from Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific has certainly been instrumental in this regard, providing power generation technology and gas turbines that can elevate our renewable energy projects.

The government has taken a number of small but important measures in recent years to facilitate our shift to de-carbonization while also ensuring our energy sources are secure.

These efforts, coupled with the guidance and aid from our neighbouring countries that are further along their renewable energy journeys, will prove to be imperative on our path to building a cleaner nation for ourselves.

Even though Bangladesh, like other developing nations, has had little to do with the current climate crisis and its impending dangers, we still need to do our part in protecting our country and its people from any energy challenges we may be facing during these trying times — and renewable energy is the only way forward.

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