Rangs Motors, one of the most renowned conglomerates in Bangladesh, announced the launch of the Eicher Skyline 20.15 Bus on Thursday to cater to the needs of bus operators for a wide range of applications.


The new Eicher Skyline 20.15 Bus is thoroughly tested in Bangladesh and optimised to deliver best-in-class performance, according to a statement from the company.


The launching ceremony was held in Dhaka.


The Eicher Skyline 20.15 bus comes with the most powerful inline engine in its category along with a host of segment-leading features for safety, comfort and reliability for the intercity bus segment in Bangladesh. Loaded with a host of industry-leading features, the Eicher Skyline 20.15 is all set to provide a segment-leading experience to bus drivers and passengers. Its powerful 180HP engine with an inline fuel injection system will help deliver more trips every year for bus operators. 


Features such as a stronger Domex chassis, an ET70 Transmission with 710Nm capacity, 395mm drive head and lubricated for life propeller shaft ensure higher reliability.


This new bus comes in different variants, including options of waveller suspension and air suspension, to deliver segment-leading passenger comfort during long-distance travel.


To provide enhanced comfort and reduce driver fatigue, features such as tilt and telescopic steering, a low-effort booster-assisted clutch system, and an easy-to-read combination meter have been offered.


As one of the rapidly growing economies in South Asia, Bangladesh has a large and growing commercial vehicle industry. 


The government’s focus on improving the country’s infrastructure and transport systems and the opening of the Padma Bridge are leading to increased intercity bus travel in Bangladesh.


As a result, heavy-duty bus demand has seen a sharp rise in FY23 in Bangladesh and is expected to grow further. 


With this launch of the Eicher Skyline 20.15, well suited for the Intercity bus segment, long-distance travelers will now have access to a segment-leading offer for safe, reliable, and comfortable travel. 


In reference to the launch, Ahmed Shahriar Anwar, Chief Executive Officer of Rangs Motors Limited, remarked, “Today, we embark on a new journey, where comfort meets power on the open road. With great pride and unwavering determination, we present our latest masterpiece, Eicher Skyline 20.15, a bus designed and made in Bangladesh for our own to redefine experiences in this new era of travel.


“As our nation’s economy is on an upward trajectory, with an unwavering commitment to infrastructure development, our country has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, and I believe it gives hope for the commercial vehicle industry. With a commitment to progress, adapt, and surpass expectations, we, the Rangs, believe in delivering a better experience in the world of transportation for the people of our modern Bangladesh.”


Speaking on the occasion, SS Gill, executive vice president, of International Business at VECV, said, “In line with our brand promise of partnering prosperity, we are delighted to launch the all-new Eicher Skyline 20.15 Intercity bus for Bangladesh. These buses are designed for enhanced safety, superior comfort, and reliability, making them well-suited for the growing intercity travel in Bangladesh. With best-in-class acceleration and torque, superior uptime, coupled with enhanced passenger and driver comfort, these buses can make more trips in a year, thus enhancing transporter profitability.”


The Eicher Skyline 20.15 bus is equipped with varied seating capacities along with a rear waveller suspension and air suspension.


The next generation of Eicher trucks and buses aims to continuously improve transportation efficiency in developing markets with relevant modernisation, thereby reducing logistic costs and leading to economic growth and productivity.


With this launch, Eicher Trucks & Buses enters a new phase of growth in the commercial vehicle market in Bangladesh.



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