Prices of eggs hit a record high of Tk 14 a piece on the kitchen markets in the capital city on Friday.

Retailers said that the producers and wholesalers continued to raise the prices of eggs for past two weeks.

Bangladesh Poultry association, however, blamed the syndicate of big business groups for the soaring prices of eggs in the market.

Consumers expressed their dissatisfaction at the excessive price hike of eggs in the market.

They said that after beef, chickens and fish, eggs also became dearer for the low-income people.

‘The prices of daily essentials have been skyrocketing one after another without any valid reason. After beef, mutton and fish, now we are being forced to skip eggs due to the exorbitant prices,’ Shahriar Ahmed, a high school teacher in Dhaka city, told New Age on Friday.

Traders have been increasing the prices of commodities at will in the absence of monitoring in the market, he blamed.  

Sumon Hawlader,  president of Bangladesh Poultry association blamed the syndicate of big business groups and inaction of the government for the soaring prices of eggs in the market.

The BPA president on Thursday said in a press release that most of the small farms across the country went out of business due to the dominance of corporate companies in the sector and people had been forced to pay additional money for eggs.

The prices of eggs increased by Tk 5-6 a hali, four pieces, on the kitchen markets in the city over the week and the item was sold for Tk 55-56 a hali on Friday.

The BPA demanded that the government should take initiative to protect the business of small farmers, or else they would be eliminated from the competition as well as markets.

 In the situation, big companies will increase the prices of eggs and broiler at their own will, the BPA alleged.

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