Panic has gripped as three tigers were spotted in the Chandeshwar forest office area under Supati station of Sundarbans. 

The forest department said the tigers have been wandering in the same place for the past 24 hours. In this situation, 5 forest guards of that camp are staying in the office.

Two tigers entered the office premises around 2:00 pm on Friday (February 3). The tigers did not return to the forest till 3:00 pm on Saturday (February 4).

Faruk, in-charge of Chandeshwar forest patrol post, said two tigers that came on Friday afternoon were joined by one more at night. At night, the forest guards lit torches on the banks of the pond and noticed the presence of three tigers. Even in the morning the three tigers were roaming in the forest near the banks of ponds. The tigers are still on the river bank on the south side of the office.

He said the forest guards are also watching the movement of the tigers from a vigilant position.

Sharankhola range officer Samsul Arefin said this is the breeding season for tigers. So, the tigers with partners are moving on their own. Forest guards have been instructed not to harm them.

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