PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- Officials and farmers met at UMES, Friday, to discuss new language that will be added to farming legislation.

Congressman Glenn Thompson, the Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture, said the meeting was a success.

“This was outstanding today,” Congressman Thompson said. “This was an opportunity to bring the voices of Maryland agriculture to the table, for the 2023 Maryland Farm Bill.”

UMES president Heidi Anderson said her institution would benefit from two different initiatives that the bill could potentially offer.

“I think a win for us would be if they hear us on the infrastructure, and they make sure to include extra funding in the Farm Bill for that particular aspect,” President Anderson said.

“A second win for us would be if there were scholarships for our students, because that’s where our students will need assistance to help them get through the full four years of getting their world class education,” President Anderson added.

For Dr. Noah Bressman, professor of physiology at Salisbury University, he said his department is in need of research money to help further the understanding of a well-known invasive species.

“I’m hoping to get more language and more funding for research on invasive species, to figure out how to protect the local ecosystems,” Dr. Bressman said.

Congressman Glenn Thompson said his primary goal is to try to accommodate all who bring food to tables across the nation.

“The bottom line is, my priority of the farm bill is the priority of the farmers sitting in this room and sitting in every barn across the country,” Congressman Thompson said. “What I hear from them, those are the things that need to be a priority for the 2023 Farm Bill.”

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