Delegates from Korea, Canada and Bangladesh visit the AME

Aurangabad: Entrepreneurs not only from India, but from Korea, Canada, Germany and Bangladesh have visited the ‘Advantage Maharashtra Expo 2023’ organised by the Marathwada Association of Small Scale Industries and Agriculture (MASSIA). As per organisers, the entrepreneurs are positive about investment in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

The purpose of the expo is to promote DMIC along with Marathwada and Aurangabad globally, attract investors and get better customers for the local industries. The expo was visited by hundreds of local as well as entrepreneurs from India as well as from outside India in the past three days. Entrepreneurs from Canada, Korea, Germany and Bangladesh have shown interest in doing business with the local entrepreneurs, especially in the automobile sector. According to Massia president Kiran Jagtap, there is a huge possibility that these entrepreneurs will make large scale investments in the automobile and other sectors that will benefit the MSMEs. These investors have also visited the Auric hall and DMIC. The delegations were impressed with the infrastructure and world class facilities at Auric.

The exhibition is divided into two big halls with more than 600 stalls. Separate sections like engineering, automobile, banking, electrical, infrastructure, agro and food, educational institutions, banking, plastic and packaging and 150 stalls in pagoda style. There was a crowd to see the 150 pagoda style stalls. The pagodas outside the main hall have stalls selling household items and home decoration items that are attracting a large number of crowds.

Handicrafts and traditional items

Handicrafts and traditional items, corporate gifts to antiques, mats made from grasses by women of the self help groups and NGOs are also attracting attention in the expo. The mix of traditional artefact and modern art forms is seen at the expo. Most of the self-help groups have come from outside for this exhibition, and different items are displayed at each stall.

Bamboo art forms and jewellery

The expo not only has industrial machinery and equipment, but also has items like handmade paper, jewellery stalls, Banjara style jewellery, oxidized jewellery, terracotta collection, grass mats, seed paper bags, bamboo art items are put for sale. Stone art, handmade diaries, terracotta collections, wooden keychains, and artistic items are also on display at the expo.

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