Farmers are expecting an all-time record production of mustard after exceeding its fixed farming target in Khulna agriculture region where its harvest will begin from February next.

Officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in Khulna region said the flowering mustard plants have given an enthralling yellowish look to vast tracts of crop fields and nature as well amid splendid climatic conditions pleasing everyone.

The DAE has set an all-time record target of producing 31,341 tonnes of mustard from 26,014 hectares of land for all five districts in Khulna agriculture region during the current Rabi season.

Earlier, farmers produced 26,416 tonnes of mustard by cultivating the crop on 21,047 hectares of land during the last 2021-2022 Rabi season.

‘As of last December 11, farmers have brought 26,014 hectares of land under mustard cultivation which exceeds the cultivation target of 24,370 hectares,’ said Md Faridul Hasan, Additional Director of DAE, Khulna region.

The record target of producing mustard has been fixed aiming at attaining self-reliance on production of edible oils from locally produced mustard and other oilseeds.

The government has distributed quality mustard seeds and fertilisers as special incentives among small and marginal farmers to inspire them in expanding cultivation of mustard and producing more oil seeds.

As a result, many small and marginal farmers have cultivated mustard on the mainland and riverine char areas with huge enthusiasm after getting the special incentives.

Being inspired by motivational activities being conducted by the DAE, farmers have by and large cultivated high yielding varieties of mustard on more land across the region to get high yields.

The DAE, Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation, Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) and Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) are extending assistance to farmers to make the mustard cultivation program successful.

After getting excellent production with remunerative prices last year, farmers are showing their interest in growing highly profitable crops this season.

Talking to BSS, farmers Moinur Gazi, Arab Ali Gazi, Firoz Sheikh, Mokhlesur Rahman and Nur Mohammad of different upazilas in Khulna said today they are expecting a bumper production of mustard this season.

Farmer Khadem Ali of Kumira union in Satkhira said many farmers have sowed mustard seeds after harvesting short duration Aman rice on the same land to enhance crop intensity and reap more profits.

‘We will cultivate Boro rice on the same land after harvesting mustard this season like in the previous years,’ Ali added.

Deputy Director of the DAE for Khulna Agriculturist Md. Hafizur Rahman said mustard farming has become popular both on the vast char areas and mainland in the last thirteen years.

‘We are expecting a bumper production of mustard as its tender plants are growing superbly at this flowering stage amid favourable climatic conditions,’ Rahman added.

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