During a meeting held as part of EIMA 2022, the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry said he was in favour of an organic plan of facilities to promote investments in latest-generation machinery and systems. Innovations – Lollobrigida stressed – must take into account the specific needs of the agricultural world.

Extend the system of incentives for agriculture, including the 4.0 relief and other measures still in force, as part of an organic plan to promote innovation in Italian agriculture. This is the request that Alessandro Malavolti, president of FederUnacoma (the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers), addressed to the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, who this morning visited the crowded halls of EIMA 2022, the world exhibition of agricultural machinery.

“Increasing production yields can be done in many ways. Through GMOs, for example. However – Lollobrigida said at the meeting with the press held in the exhibition centre at the end of his visit – that of genetically modified organisms is a model that we do not like”. “Instead – the minister added – we are in favour of the use of mechanical technologies and innovative systems that make it possible to improve land use and thus optimise production. That is why I have been impressed by the many innovations made by your manufacturers and by the quality of the models awarded in the Technical Innovation Contest”.

On the subject, the minister also emphasised the need to promote the spread of the latest generation systems, taking into account the specific needs of the farming world. “The NRRP tools cannot exclude machines with Stage V engines from funding channels – explained Lollobrigida – and instead focus on technological solutions that are still being developed and perfected, such as electrically powered vehicles. On this occasion, the Agriculture Minister announced that the Ministry had activated channels of dialogue with the European Commission to review the PNRR for improvements and to revise certain guidelines that could jeopardise its effectiveness.

“In the face of a very ambitious objective, namely to reconcile production and sustainability, it is necessary to proceed in a logical way – it was stressed during the meeting – that is, drawing on the wealth of experience and expertise gained by those who have always worked in the agricultural sector”.


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