On the way from Turkey to Greece, the brokers and fellow companions left him alone at a forest. Since then, an immigrant Bangladeshi youth named Sagar Khan has been missing.

About one and half month ago, 25-year-old Sagar Khan left Turkey for Greece. Although his fellow companions reached Greece, his family and relatives are spending days in anxiety as there is no trace of Sagor.

Sagar Khan, son of Selim Khan, was a resident of Shofipur area of Muladi upazila in Barishal. Sagar’s father died soon after he went abroad. He is survived by his mother, three sisters and two brothers.

According to relatives, Sagar Khan first migrated to Oman about 8 years ago in search of a livelihood. After staying there for a long time, he dreamed of entering Europe. He reached Turkey about two years ago by crossing the Iranian border on various routes after making a deal with a broker.

To enter Europe, one needs to go to Greece first. So, he made a deal with a broker from Madaripur area living in Turkey to enter Greece.

Rabiul Khan Sanaul, uncle of the victim, said Sagar had signed a deal with a broker named Mubarak of Madaripur living in Turkey for Tk 4 lakh to go to Greece. According to the agreement, Sagar also paid Tk 4 lakh to the broker.

“On September 16, Sagar had informed his family members over mobile phone that all the arrangements to enter Greece have already been completed and he will leave for Greece on September 18. Since then, he did not contact with the family members further,” added Rabiul Khan.

He added that he had shared a post on social media Facebook in search of his nephew. According to the post, the family contacted another Bangladeshi youth, now in Greece, who was in the migration team with Sagor.

According to the youth, the brokers told all the migrants that they would reach Salonica in Greece after walking for 24 hours. But even after walking for four days in a row, they could not reach Greece border.

“At one point, Sagar fell ill in the forest. He no longer had the strength to walk. I couldn’t even stand up. In such a situation, the brokers and fellow companions were forced to leave him in the forest,” he added.

The writer is an expatriate journalist living in Greece

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