Light to Life, a leading youth-led organization, commemorated International Youth Day 2023 with a series of impactful activities aimed at promoting mental health, sustainable practices, and youth engagement. 

The weeklong event, titled “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World,” was organized in collaboration with various community organizations, government administrations, and faith-based institutes, according to a press release issued on Sunday.

The celebration saw active participation from more than 200 youths across the nation, who gathered to engage in workshops, discussions, and partnerships focused on mental health and wellbeing, climate action, and the interplay between Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and climate change.

Light to Life partnered with distinguished organizations including Bachar Lorai, Youth Action for Social Development (YASD), Prime Bank Eye Hospital, and faith-based institutions to conduct a variety of workshops, screenings, and sessions. 

Notable among these initiatives were:

United in Mind 

Embracing Diversity, Promoting Mental Health Workshop: Organized in collaboration with Kaleidoscope club of ULAB, this workshop shed light on the importance of mental health and wellbeing among youth. The event featured experts in the field, including psychosocial counsellors from Living with Wellness, Samira Binte Zaman, and Afrin Islam.

Mirpur Pora Bosti Workshop and Free Eye Screening

Partnering with Prime Bank Eye Hospital, Light to Life supported a workshop in Mirpur Pora Bosti, which included free eye screening and consultations. This initiative aimed to provide essential eye care services to underserved communities.

Mental Health and SRHR Session

In joint collaboration with YASD, Light to Life organized a session focusing on the intersection of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and climate change. The session aimed to raise awareness about the importance of integrating SRHR considerations into climate action.

Green Skills Workshop

In partnership with faith-based organizations, Light to Life conducted a green skills workshop in Jashore Shimulia. This workshop emphasized eco-consciousness and sustainability among youth, empowering them to become custodians of the environment.

Founder and Technical Advisor of Light to Life, Labib Tazone Utshab, emphasized: “Empowering today’s youth ignites the flames of progress, lighting the path towards a brighter tomorrow. On International Youth Day 2023, let’s celebrate the potential, passion, and resilience of our young generation as they shape a world that knows no bounds.”

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed speakers and panellists, including Md Mohiuddin Abir, a Strategic Development and Resource Mobilization Expert, Sumaiya Akter, HR & Communicator at Light to Life Foundation, and other national and international experts. 

Sadia Tabassum Talha, Anika Zaman, Raisa Tabassum, Nadira Sultana, Annie Ishrat, Azme Khanon Sheba also joined the event on behalf of Light to Life. 

Louis Sonjoy Mondol, who adeptly coordinated the event, emphasized the importance of cultivating “Green Skills” among coastal youth. 

This initiative aims to nurture their capabilities while fostering environmental consciousness, thereby equipping them to lead the way toward a sustainable future.

Light to Life’s celebration of International Youth Day 2023 served as a testament to the organization’s commitment to youth empowerment, mental health advocacy, and sustainable development. By partnering with various stakeholders, the organization is taking concrete steps toward a brighter and greener tomorrow.

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