Ismaili Muslim community members plant saplings at Uttara in Dhaka on Sunday marking the Global Ismaili CIVIC Day. — New Age photo

Thousands of volunteers across the globe pledged to offer thousands of hours of voluntary service to strengthen their communities through environmental stewardship to protect the earth marking the Global Ismaili Civic Day.

In Bangladesh, volunteers from the Ismaili community pledged to plant 1,000 trees as part of the Global Ismaili Civic Day, according to a press release issued on Sunday.

From September 22 onwards, they are planting trees in schools and parks and also providing fruit trees to low-income families across Bangladesh who can generate year-long income from the produce from the trees with the technical support from Green Savers, said the release.

The Global Ismaili Civic Day is an annual Ismaili signature event held every year on September 25.

It is a global programme under which the Ismaili community across the world has united around its centuries-old tradition of serving humanity by rendering voluntary service to improve the quality of life of the communities in which they live, regardless of faith, gender and background.

Since 2020, Ismaili Civic activities in more than 30 countries across the globe have benefited millions of people with over 1.3 million trees planted, more than 30,000 volunteers involved, over 125,000 hours of voluntary service conducted, more than 150 partners engaged, and more than 600 activities held, said the release.

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