The Indian government has sought waiver of duty on the import of some fruits, especially grape, as Indian exporters face a setback due to complexity in opening letters of credit (LCs) by Bangladeshi importers. The Indian embassy in Dhaka has contacted the Foreign Ministry, requesting it to raise the issue with the authorities concerned.

Import duty on Indian grapes to Bangladesh has witnessed a year-on-year increase from Tk 32 per kg to Tk 64, according to the Indians. For higher duty, Indian exporters are facing challenges in exporting grapes for having difficulty in opening LCs in Bangladesh.

In December 2022, the High Commission requested the Commerce Ministry to reduce assessment value on the import of apples from India. The volume of grapes exported to Bangladesh from the neighbouring country was close to 89,000 tons in 2022.

[ Tk 100 = €0.89 ]


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