The company managing director, Ashok Hazra said this recently at the just-ended International Trade Exhibition on Food, Packaging, printing, plastics products, equipment and machinery held in Dar es Salaam last week.

The marketed machines according to Hazra includes Mini-Portable Hotmix Plant machine with arrangement for discharge in LCV and sport mix machine.

Others are UI Spot Paver-Mini Model PF20 machine finisher with hydraulic driven vibratory screed, working speed range 1.5 to 16 m per min, travelling speed 18 kph per hour with engine at 2250 rpm and UI Sport Spray machine designed for high performance compact design, heat bitumen to desired temperature as well as sport mix machine,” he said

“So far the company has already manufactured different machines that is suitable for road construction and exported more than 200 machines in Bangladesh, 150 to Nepal, more than 120 Bhutan for road construction connecting rural villages to the national highlands that in turn has helped farmers to take their produce to the market,” he said.

“As company we are now ready to work with TARURA to see how we can work together in rural road construction because if there is no road connection, everything will remain in farms and farmers will continue to be poor.”

Africa including Tanzania has fertile land in the world, “You need a better road to help farmers benefit from what they produce, India has been successfully for using this strategy,” he noted.

According to him, the company has machines which are suitable for TARURA projects for connecting rural villages.

“Our company involved in various engineering activities- development of critical items such as chemical equipment, Mercury pump, vessels, Heat Exchanger etc., special purpose tailor made equipment such as Hydraulic lift platform to revolving platform for modern auditorium’s stage.” He said.

The Company Chief Engineer, Khumukcham Singh added So far the company has dealers in Bangladesh, Nepal Bhutan and is now looking for Tanzania market.

The company was officially established in 1945 kolkata, India and is now a major road construction equipment manufacturer in the Eastern sector. Range of products include from mini plants to major equipment.

“We are ready to meet with TARURA’s management to see how we can work together for rural road construction to help farmers in rural areas transport their produce to the markets” he said.

Also the company provides training free of charge for customers purchasing their machinery.

“We provide machines and train local people, so far the company has been able to provide training in Bangladesh and Nepal and more than 100 people have been trained in terms of how to use these machine and maintenance,” he said.

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