New Delhi, Dec 7 (PTI) BJP MP Nishikant Dubey on Wednesday urged the government to have a national population register to weed out “Bangladeshi infiltrators” who he said were involved in illegal activities and exploit tribal women by marrying them.

Raising the issue during discussion on matters of urgent public importance in the Lok Sabha, Dubey cited recent murders of women in Jharkhand and Bihar, and said that be it Murshidabad, Malda, Kishanganj, Katiar, Bhagalpur, Godda, Dumka and Deoghar, Jamtara, their demography has changed.

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“In my area, in Bengal, West Bengal, Santhal Pargana, Jharkhand, population of Bangladeshi Muslims who are Bangladeshi infiltrators, has sharply risen,” the MP from Godda said.

He claimed that a big trend has emerged and the whole country should know that “Muslims are marrying tribal women”.

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“When Jharkhand became a separate state, in Pakur district, Muslims were around 30-32 per cent, now that has reached 66 per cent. There were two lakh Muslims when I went to fight polls in Godda in 2009, now there are 4 lakh Muslims. Are they not taking away the employment of Muslims there? Are not the activities of the ISI and PFI not harming the country? The whole cyber crime is happening in my area,” Dubey said.

“There is a Jamtara serial on Netflix, all this is being done by Bangladeshi infiltrators. I urge the government that time has come to have a national population register (NPR), weed out Bangladeshi infiltrators and stop the conversions as well as exploitation of women,” he said.

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