The price of Hilsa fish has been decreasing since its supply has increased in Khulna kitchen markets for last few days.

A number of buyers and sellers said that the price of Hilsa has gone up during last few days but now it is being sold at a nominally 

lower price.  

 While visiting a few kitchen markets in the city, this reporter found that the supply of Hilsa fish has increased during last few days. As a result, city people are seen interested in buying Hilsa.  

 In Sandhya Bazar, kitchen markets, Hilsa weighing over 400 grams, is selling Taka 550 to 600 per KG. Taka 1100 per KG of Hilsa weighing over 800 grams.  

 Besides, Hilsa weighing over 900 grams is selling at Taka 1300 per KG, which was sold at Taka 1800 per KG earlier. 

 Hilsa weighing more than one KG is being sold at Taka 1500 which was sold at Taka 2600 to 2800 a few days ago.  

 Tauhid Hossain, a fish trader, said that the supply of Hilsa has been increasing for last two or three days in Khulna kitchen markets. As a result, the price has been decreasing day by day. He expects that the price will go down within a short time.

Talking to BSS, some buyers have expressed their dissatisfaction saying that the price of Hilsa fish is beyond to customers still now.

“We will be satisfied when the Hilsa price will come down per one kg weighing will sell Taka 1,000 to Taka 1100.

Contacted, Joydeb Pal, Khulna District Fisheries Officer told BSS, the prices of Hilsa are not come down due to huge demand in abroad as well as fish traders are more interested to sell it in Dhaka and adjacent areas as distance has been reduced from coastal belt after the inauguration of the Padma Bridge.

People of Khulna region could not be able to purchase adequate Hilsa fish though the farmers are netting huge Hilsa at the Bay of Bengal, as well as rivers, adjacent to Sundarbans, he added.

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