The farmers in Dumuria upazila of Khulna are happy as they are getting bumper yield of winter vegetables and good price, thanks to favourable weather.

Fields of the upazila are now adorned with rows of gourds, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, peppers, radish, spinach, gourd, and other winter vegetables.

This season, target was set to produce winter vegetables worth Tk one crore.

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Farmers have achieved the target by growing a wide variety of crops, and they are becoming self-reliant.

After meeting local demand, this region’s vegetables are also exported to different countries.

According to farmers and the Department of Agricultural Extension(DAE), the use of new technology in vegetable production has been a success.

Vegetable farming, both commercial and non-commercial, is gradually expanding in the region.

Md Ashiq, an honors student at Khulna BL College, said he successfully grew vegetables on their abandoned land and got a good yield.

“With this money, I support my parents and covers my educational expenses,” he said.

Champa Das, a vegetable grower, said she has harvested gourd, pumpkin, beetroot, radish, and cauliflower on one bigha of land this year.

“I am expecting good yield,” she said.

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Abu Hanif Moral of Kharnia Union, who received the Bangabandhu Agriculture Medal, said that this year’s winter vegetable yield has been excellent.

“Farmers have achieved bumper yield by cultivating red-amaranth, bean, brinjal, tomato, cauliflower and cabbage,” he said.

Dumuria vegetables meet local demand and are delivered directly to Dhaka’s Karwan Bazar. Furthermore, the vegetables grown here are exported to different countries including Italy, England, and South Korea.

Sheikh Helal Uddin, Atlia UP Chairman, said that the agriculture department helps the farmers by providing fertilizers, seeds, and training.

“On behalf of the UP, we occasionally provide fertilizer and seeds to poor farmers.”

Good harvest and pricing have led to an increase in vegetable cultivation in this region every year.

According to Upazila Agriculture Office sources winter vegetables have been planted on 3650 hectares of land this season.

Of the total land, 350 hectares were brought under bean cultivation, 220 hectares under tomatoe, 360 hectares brinjal, 260 hectares cauliflower, 160 hectares potatoes, and 165 hectares  mustard among the important crops.

Although Dumuria farmers grow vegetables round the year, the majority of its production is during the winter.

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