Some tourists have posted their wildfires experiences on social media and there are images of people lining up to see forest fires.

Summer camps and water activities are popular among Canadians but for many, this year’s wildfires have meant fewer outdoor activities, with skies filled with highly-pollutant smoke. Eby issued a new order on Saturday curbing non-essential travel, which was also aimed at finding rooms for the large number of people being evacuated across the province.

Ralston also asked people to stay clear of lakes which water bombers are using to refill water to douse fires.

In response to a question whether the government is concerned about people traveling to watch the fire activity, Bowinn Ma, the province’s Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness said the non-essential travel ban in place restricts any such activity, including “fire sighting.”

“I don’t know if that’s actually a real term … but what we absolutely cannot have on our roads is people … take photographs, getting out of their cars, visiting communities, where there is high wildfires activities, getting in the way of crews,” Ma said.

Drones can ground aircraft involved in crucial firefighting missions, Ma said.

Some 3,400 workers are involved in firefighting in British Columbia in western Canada.

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