A farmer platform among inconveniences

Construction away from town

Lack of security for women employees

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There is a problem for both… there is no drinking water facility.

Agriculture department officials who do not care

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There are 82 Raithu Vedikas in the district

Mahbubabad Agriculture, September 29: The state government says it is providing modern technology to farmers and empowering them economically. Some of the farmers’ sites are located in villages and nearby, some of the farmers’ sites are comfortable, but some of the farmers’ sites are suffering due to lack of facilities or staff. Especially women AEOs and women farmers are suffering from many problems like lack of toilets. Some other farmers’ places are far away from the village and there is also lack of security for women workers in Mahbubabad district.

Dilapidated toilets…

82 agricultural clusters have been established in the district. According to him, 82 Raithu Vedika buildings were constructed at a cost of Rs 22 lakh with state government funds and EGS funds. However, the construction of the farmer platform was left incomplete as the responsibility for building the farmer platform was assigned to the headman of that village. Some farmers’ forum leaders in the district have conscientiously constructed buildings and toilets, but others have left the work unfinished. Some of the constructed latrines were stolen even though they had doors installed. The forts fell into heaps of rubbish and fell into disrepair. For example, regular meetings are organized with district officials and farmers at the farmer platform at the district center. Out of 82 AEOs in the district, 40 percent are women AEOs. During the meeting which lasted for a few hours, women officials and farmers were facing difficulties due to lack of proper toilets. Farmers do not mind reusing it.

Conservation Drought..

Some of the farmers’ sites in the district are built in the village and on the outskirts of the village and are available to the farmers, while others are being built away from the village, among pits and stones and are facing many difficulties. Women workers in particular lacked protection and security. Last year, an incident created sensation in the district when a woman was on duty at a farming platform not far from Aleru village in AEO district when an assailant threatened her and forcibly grabbed her gold chain. Due to this incident, women workers are afraid to go alone to the farmer’s place…they have to perform their duties with the fear of risking their lives. Raithu Vedikas at least did not have a watchman system.

No feature…

AVOs and AEOs recruit watchmen privately at their own expense in Raithu Vedika in many mandals. However, some farmers do not have watchmen at their place. Further, there are at least no wells to provide drinking water facility. At the time of meeting, farmers are facing many difficulties for drinking water. Also, gates have not been installed in one or two mandals for farmers’ platforms. Authorities and farmers are facing difficulties due to non-availability of electricity facility in some other farmers’ places. Lacking iron grills for windows, the farmer’s equipment lacked protection. As these buildings are far away from the village, they have become a hurdle for drug addicts.

Facility Management : Manga Srinivas, District President, Graduates AEO Association, Mahabad

Facilities in some farmers’ places in the district are incomplete or incomplete. Women workers and women farmers are especially bothered by the lack of toilet facilities. Many difficulties are being faced for drinking water during the meeting. The maintenance charges provided by the government are not sufficient. Charges should be increased, attendants and watchmen should be appointed.

Features are nilDoorless toilets and dilapidated toilets in Mehbubabad Raithu Vedika

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