WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – Tuesday, March 22 is National Agriculture Day, a day to recognize America’s farming families and the goods they share across the country.

To celebrate, the Association for Equipment Manufacturers brought rural living to our nation’s capital. With a sprawling event on the National Mall titled “Growing a Climate for Tomorrow”, producers, agriculture corporations, and others showcased equipment and interactive displays.

“We think it’s really important for us to bring the message of modern agriculture to the audience that really needs to hear it,” said Curt Blades with the Association for Equipment Manufacturers. “And that’s the regulators, policymakers, elected officials, staff and, frankly, the general public.”

There weren’t any crops around, but there were plenty of opportunities to learn about American agriculture.

The National Hemp Association showcased a car and house, floorboards, concrete, and all, made out of hemp.

Geoff Whaling, chairman of the National Hemp Association showcases his BMW, made partially with hemp, on the National Mall.(GRAY DC)

Representatives from Illinois-based Clarifying Engine Technologies talked about their plans to fire up an entire fleet of ethanol-fueled semi-trucks. The company John Deere brought out an AI sprayer that uses facial recognition to spray for weeds. The Georgia agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO showed off a planting robot prototype Xavier, who is a part of a swarm of programable seeders.

The Project Xaver Planting Robot prototype is intended to become part of a swarm of programable...
The Project Xaver Planting Robot prototype is intended to become part of a swarm of programable seeders.(GRAY DC)

The AG day event was centered around recruitment and education, as the industry continues to feel the prick of the pandemic with worker shortages and supply chain issues.

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack optimistically addressed the issues during prepared remarks at the event.

“The reality is that the United States and its economy is growing at a faster rate than any other developed country in the world, including China,” said Vilsack.

He also promoted the administration’s push for a sustainable farming future and commended these innovators on their quests to use technology to help farmers do more with less.

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