Experts at a programme on Thursday said access to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), a mechanism created by the United Nations, should be easier so that affected countries can tackle the impact of climate change faster. 

They were speaking at the capacity building and strategy workshop on facilitating media engagement at COP 27 and beyond at Brac Centre Inn in Dhaka.

“Getting funds from the GCF is very difficult. We notice that the GCF provides billions of dollars to climate issues. We applied for funds three years ago but did not get any funds yet despite Brac being a big NGO in Bangladesh,” Executive Director of Brac Bangladesh Asif Saleh said.

He also said that climate change is now related to livelihood, food security, water and sanitation. 

“The impact of climate change has spread to all sectors.  People are migrating as rivier erosion washes away their homes and livelihoods. We even pollute our environment through fossil fuels and plastic. We all have to be aware in this regard,” he also said.

Saleh also pointed out that Bangladesh’s contribution is low to climate change.

“Adaptation issues on climate change should be discussed more in the upcoming COP in Africa. However, our government has to work on resilience building,” he also continued.

Executive Director of Manusher Jonno Foundation Shaheen Anam said women are more affected by climate change. 

“Due to lack of good governance, we have to face more problems. We have to think about adaptation and mitigation of climate change,” she also said.

Chief Executive of CPRD Md Shamsuddoha underscored the need for good governance, adaptation and mitigation to tackle the impact of climate change.

Member of Parliament of Gaibandha-1 Barrister Shamim Haider Patwary said: “We have a lack of negotiation skills. We have to strengthen that.” 

He also pointed out that the government should sit with experts to make good strategies. “We will get more from global funds if we can strengthen our negotiation skills,” he also said.

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