Founder and president of Euglena, “the world’s first company succeeding in the outdoor mass cultivation of the microalgae “Euglena” in December 2005, Mitsuru Izumo has explained his venture’s activities in Bangladesh.

Euglena has successfully invented technology for the mass cultivation of edible microalgae called Euglena (in Japanese, Midorimushi, which means “green bug”).

The startup company, originating from the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo, aims to solve social issues that have attracted great attention around the world: the nutrition problem and climate change due to CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

During a hybrid lecture at Brac Brac University Sunday, Izumo introduced his company’s activities such as nutrition improvement programmes in Bangladesh by providing cookies which contain nutrient-rich Euglena to children under the “Euglena GENKI Program” and also renewable fuel-producing projects by using Euglena and advanced technologies.

The lecture was jointly organised by the Biotechnology Program of Brac University’s Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNS), and the Embassy of Japan in Dhaka Sunday.

In his lecture “Solving malnutrition, poverty problems and combating climate change by Euglena’s technology” Izumo emphasised the potential and versatility of Euglena.

He stressed the importance of sustainability and that his company’s eco-fuel would accelerate de-carbonisation in Japan and the world. “We are training local farmers with their agricultural techniques for creating jobs and income in this country.”

Brac University Vice-Chancellor Vincent Chang welcomed the lecturer and distinguished guests.

“Technology was the key factor for economic growth in any country.

He hoped that the lecture would enhance more opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and sharing experiences in the field of advanced technology to contribute to the economic growth in Bangladesh.

Munima Haque, biotechnology programme director of the university, and Yusuf Haider, chairperson, MNS of the university, also spoke.

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