Bangladesh News: Must have heard the name of dragon fruit? But have you ever thought that fruit can be served in tea? You don’t think! And another child pretended to be a boy. He made tea. After placing the tea leaves in a strainer, pour hot water over half a glass of milk. And then gave it some dragon fruit. Seeing the video of this child Chawla from Bangladesh, the eyes of the girls are shocked.

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The video was shared by a page called The Great Indian Foodie on Instagram. From this page, various delicious, tongue-watering posts are found from different parts of the country and abroad. While some people like the process of making tea this way, some people dislike it a lot.

This child was making tea in the same way that five other people were making tea. But scooping the dragon fruit pulp and mixing it into a cup of tea was very interesting. After that, a spoonful of condensed milk is also mixed in this tea.

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The caption of the video reads, “Pink Dragon Frutoli Tea! This is interesting Rail Bangladesh for you.

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One of those who disliked the video said, “When we love tea so much, why do we need to experiment on it so much!” Some things are better as they are.


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