Global apparel manufacturer Crystal International Group Limited is sowing as well as sewing.

As part of its sustainability efforts, the 52-year-old company based in Hong Kong has championed reforestation by planting nearly 3 million trees in the past 15 years. Its latest effort in the field found it joining with to support The Canopy Project, which ultimately wants to plant 10 million trees throughout 2022. Crystal planted 100,000 mangrove trees in Bangladesh as a result.

Crystal committed to placing 100,000 mangroves along the villages of Banishanta Union in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh, which is close to the largest mangrove forest in the world. The mangroves are native to the region and perfect for binding soil to embankments, allowing more launch sites for the main form of transportation: boats. While anchoring to the embankment, the mangroves collect silt flowing down the river, strengthening the embankment and forming a nursery for numerous crab, fish and shrimp species that can be caught and sold by local fishermen. These embankments also act as barriers against severe weather events that are becoming more frequent due to climate change.

The planted mangroves will preserve biodiversity and natural habitats in the region and contribute to the reforestation across 10 to 12 hectares, with 240 to 390 tonnes of carbon absorption annually.

Tree planting is a big part of Crystal’s global five-year sustainability targets, which it has issued since 2007. “We recognize the ecological importance of mangrove ecosystems in providing essential habitat for thousands of species. To step up our momentum, we commit to growing mangroves and support biodiversity, in tackling climate change and deforestation. We are delighted to collaborate with, which is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement and calls on continuing efforts in mitigating climate change and deforestation,” said Catherine Chiu, vice president of global sustainability of Crystal International.

“Benefits of mangroves go beyond fish nursery and embankment securement. Mangroves sequester roughly two to four times the amount of carbon when compared to a mature tropical forest, helping to improve air quality and lessen the environmental footprint of those living in the area,” said president Kathleen Rogers.

Crystal Group serves leading global brands and covers five apparel sectors: denim, lifestyle wear, intimates, sweaters and and sportswear/outdoor apparel. It has about 20 production facilities in five countries— Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka—a workforce of 80,000 and delivers more than 470 million pieces of apparel a year. It announced a net zero goal for 2050 in March of this year.

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