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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2023/ — Advanced Container Technologies, Inc. (Ticker: ACTX), announced that GrowPods – the uniquely designed controlled environment farms built into specially outfitted shipping containers, can provide sustainability to farmers, companies and communities, providing positive outcomes for generations.

According to leading scientists, there’s a transformation taking place on farms across the United States.

For decades, we’ve produced the bulk of our food through industrial agriculture—a system dominated by large farms growing the same crops year after year, using enormous amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that damage our soil, water, air, and climate. This system is not built to last, because it squanders and degrades the resources it depends on.

But a growing number of innovative farmers and scientists are taking a different path, moving toward a farming system that is more sustainable—environmentally, economically, and socially.

These systems use state-of-the-art, science-based practices that maximize productivity and profit while minimizing environmental damage. Additionally, they are more resilient to droughts, floods, and other impacts of climate change that farmers are already seeing.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, sustainable farming is defined as: “Farming in such a way to protect the environment, aid and expand natural resources and to make the best use of nonrenewable resources.”

GrowPods from ACTX, are advanced, sustainable and controllable farms that can out-produce traditional methods of farming. GrowPods recycle their own water, using up to 90 percent less water than a typical 1.5 acre land farm. As a turnkey solution, the system is perfect for both new and experienced operators. The set-up process is quick and requires limited resources.

GrowPods can be located in an urban or rural setting, which can eliminate the long travel distances that are often necessary for suppliers to transport goods to market.

The University of California, Davis, Dept. of Agriculture, wrote that these new types of controlled environment farms are vitally important to our nation.

“A resilient food system must include all scales and types of agriculture. As climate change has the potential to disrupt traditional agricultural production and consumers are increasingly seeking unique products, Controlled Environment Agriculture can be an important part of a robust and nutritious food supply across the globe.

“CEA can minimize inputs such as water, nutrients and chemicals, while also reducing the potential for food borne pathogens, as well as save on labor costs. CEA systems can also be placed in urban areas not suitable for traditional agriculture, bringing food production closer to consumers and making use of existing space,” according to the University.

Find out how you can create a sustainable farm using GrowPods. Call ACTX at: (951) 381-2555 or visit:

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