Prices of fish, garlic and a few vegetables have shot up further in a span of seven days in the city markets, adding to woes of the already-battered consumers.

Tomato, ginger and green chilli remained static maintaining their previous highs as those were sold at Tk300-320 a kg, Tk 320-400 and Tk280-400 a kg respectively on Thursday.

Supply of river fish declined notably which ultimately caused surge in prices of all kinds of fish, said traders.

Prices of river fish including hilsa, ruhi, katla, shoul, shrimp and bele witnessed Tk100-300 hike per kg in a week.

Cultured ruhi, katla, koi, pangas and tilapia also became costlier by Tk 30-50 a kg during the period.

Majhar Hossain, a fish vendor at Rayer Bazar in the city, said supply of indigenous fish varieties declined at wholesale market in Mawa of Munshiganj.

Hilsa catch in the bay has remained stopped since May 25 which has put major impact on the market.

River catch is also insignificant during this peak monsoon season causing tectonic surge in prices, he added. Majhar was selling medium-sized (3.0-4.0 kg) river ruhi at Tk800-850 a kg.

Jiten Das, a fish vendor at Dhanmiondi-15, told the FE that hilsa wholesale prices shot up to Tk 1,100-1,200 (medium to big-sized) in Mawa marking Tk 300 a hike in a week.

He said prices might decline after the end of the fishing ban in the bay on July 31.

Price of bitter gourd increased by Tk 20-30 a kg in a week as the vegetable was sold at Tk 90-110 a kg on the day.

Farid Hossain, a vegetable vendor at Hatirpool Bazar in the city, said price of bitter gourd increased in last few days amaid supply crunch from the hubs.

He added tomato and green chilli prices are still higher in the wholesale market.

“Per five kg tomato or green chilli is still selling at Tk1200-1250,” he said.

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