With the slogan “Healthy Environment, Smart Bangladesh” in mind to make Mymensingh beautiful, Department of Environment, Mymensingh Divisional Office initiated the overall cleaning and water bodies conservation activities of Mymensingh Railway Station.

Bangladesh Railway Mymensingh, Mymensingh City Corporation, Mymensingh Forest Department, District Administration, Fire Service andseveral environmentalist, social and voluntary organisations of the district participated in the day-long integrated activities organised by the Department of Environment.

On Saturday (February 10) under the leadership of Department of Environment, Mymensingh Divisional Office, coordinated cleaning activities were conducted throughout the day starting from 10 am in cooperation with various voluntary organisations to create beautiful Mymensingh.

Among others, Mymensingh City Corporation (MOSIC) Chief Executive Mohammad Yusuf Ali, Mymensingh Deputy Commissioner Didare Alam Mohammad Maksud Chowdhury, Environment Department Mymensingh Divisional Office Director (Deputy Secretary) Dilruba Ahmed, Divisional Forest Officer of Mymensingh Forest Division  A.N.M. Abdul Wadud, Deputy Director of Department of Environment, Mymensingh District Md. Mezbabul Alam, Mymensingh Railway Assistant Engineer Md. Akram Ali, Assistant Director of Fire Service Md. Mofazzal Hossain, several environmentalists, social and voluntary organizations of Mymensingh district, heads of various government and private departments, officials and employees, teachers, students of educational institutions and media persons were participated in the campaign. A total of 150 students divided into three groups with the help of voluntary organisations did the overall cleanliness and cleaning of the reservoir.

Masik Chief Executive addressed the youth society and said that to be a smart citizen, no one can be disturbed, the environment cannot be polluted.

Everyone needs to be smart to build a smart city. Mymensingh City Corporation is working relentlessly for cleanliness and dengue control. It is not enough if we only work, we all have to work together. Then we can give the gift of a smart city.

The Deputy Commissioner said that to build a smart Bangladesh, we must first become smart citizens. Every citizen should be aware of environmental protection.

It will not be possible for Department of Environment  to work alone to protect the environment. So if we work collectively and unite everyone then we can all bring success.

The Director of the Department of Environment said that everyone should be a smart citizen to build a smart Bangladesh. 

If we are smart citizens then we can give a clean country. If all the departments of Mymensingh work together, it is possible to build a beautiful Mymensingh in a very short time. Already we have launched a WhatsApp group on environment. 

It has a plan to work with public-private and voluntary cooperative organizations on a large scale with overall cleanliness.

During this time, the Heads of Departments visited the shops and surrounding environment of the railway station and gifted cleaning materials. 

The officials inaugurated the tree plantation on both sides of the railway station.

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