Raipur. Raipur Divisional Secretary and BJP MLA from Akaltara Saurabh Singh while addressing the press conference demanded the resignation of the Agriculture Minister over the manure and vermicompost scam.

But Congress ministers, when people demand something, they say we don’t have money, we don’t have power, but we pay almost 50 percent advance for vermicompost without benefiting our people,” Saurabh Singh said. A big scandal is going on.

The facts that we are presenting are only one bank.. There are about two hundred and fifty banks running in the state.. It can be estimated how big a scam it is.

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The procedure for purchasing dung and making vermicompost from it is as follows:

1. As everyone knows c. The government is collecting cows from cowsheds constructed in various gram panchayats.

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2. The above collected dung is made into vermicompost by Gautan Samiti working in Gautham.

3. The vermicompost made by these societies was forcefully sold to the farmers by Seva Saharaka Samiti.

4. In this whole process, the amount of manure purchased in a cow farm is paid online. According to the ratio of cow dung purchased by the Gautan Samiti, how much vermicompost is produced there. According to the online letter.

5. Against the vermicompost prepared by the Seva Cooperative Samiti, without making full and advance deposit of the amount of vermicompost available online by the Cooperative Department to the concerned Gautan Samiti without physical verification.

6. In fact when Gautan Samiti was asked to deposit vermicompost there was a steady decrease in vermicompost. The Aklatara development model was presented before you and was done across the state.

7. Complete vermicompost is not deposited by any pre-paid committee. Till now full amount of vermicompost has not been deposited to these societies, for which the government has not made advance payment and recovery.

8. Why prepayments without physical verification and additions to prepayments are huge scams. No recovery measures are being taken from these Gauthan Committees. Additional payment of State Government money in favor of anyone.

9. A total of 9748 sacks of excess payment was detected under Akaltara Bank branch and the total fraud tax till date is 29,24,400. 70 crores will come.

And if you count the total so far, it is considered a scam of more than 600 crores.

10. Manure not purchased at all and fraudulent payment made. Due to bogus payments cowsheds did not get enough cow urine for making vermicompost.

11. Direct payment without physical verification is fraud and loss of revenue to the government and action should be taken against it.

He made it clear that this work is being done under the supervision of the Minister of Agriculture, and if he is not aware of this matter, he should immediately resign for being such a useless Minister of Agriculture.

Kisan Morcha state in-charge Sandeep Sharma, state spokesperson Kedar Gupta, BJP media in-charge Amit Chimnani co-in-charge Anurag Agarwal and others participated in this press conference.

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