Framers during the ongoing Aus season have been able to harvest paddy just in 100 days by cultivating a new rice variety named BRRI dhan 98.

This new variety took 40-60 days less time compared to earlier varieties, paving the way for quadruple crop cultivation in a year, said Agriculture Minister Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque at a field day event held in Dhanbari under the Tangail district on Saturday.

“This variety has the potential to transform the landscape by not only maturing in a considerably shorter time frame but also delivering an impressive yield of 25-30 maunds per bigha or 33 decimals of land”, he said, according to a press release.

According to the minister, the continuous decline of agricultural land, coupled with a growing population, underscores the need for innovative approaches to sustainably feed the world’s most populous country of around 170 million people.

Given these circumstances, the importance of cultivating multiple crops from the same land within a single year becomes evident.

While traditional paddy varieties require 140-160 days to mature in Bangladesh, the BRRI dhan 98 rice variety has the potential to revolutionise this timeframe, allowing for a remarkable 90-100 day maturation period.

Expressing his optimism about the widespread adoption of this transformative variety – BRRI Dhan 98, Minister Razzaque said it could spearhead a revolutionary shift in the context of food security.

He pointed out that one of the pressing challenges impeding rice farming during the Aus season has been the lack of improved varieties coupled with the risks posed by droughts, floods, and heavy rains.

However, the tide is turning with advancements made by our scientists, who have successfully developed shortened-duration improved strains of Aus rice, Minister Razzaque.

At the forefront of this progress stands BRRI dhan 98, developed by the esteemed Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI).

This variety holds immense promise, serving as a beacon of hope for enhanced agricultural productivity, said the minister.

The successful popularisation of BRRI dhan 98 at the grassroots level could lead to a profound expansion of the Aus season, creating newfound opportunities for farmers.

Not only could this pave the way for an increased yield of the Aus crop, but it could also allow farmers to maximise their profits, he said.

Evident enthusiasm emanates from the farmers of Mudshuddi village in Dhanbari, as they aim to tap into the potential of BRRI Dhan 98.

They are now planning four crops in a year: BRRI dhan 98 for Aus, BRRI dhan 75 for Aman, BRRI dhan 96 for Boro, and a short-duration mustard variety after Boro.

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