Big Y has pledged $25,000 to the Massachusetts Farm Resiliency Fund to help farmers impacted by recent floods.


Big Y has pledged to help aid farmers that have been impacted by recent floods by donating $25,000 to the Massachusetts Farm Resiliency Fund. The fund was set up by Governor Healey’s administration and Ashley Randle, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources commissioner.

Throughout its almost 90-year history, Big Y has worked alongside area growers in order to bring fresh and local produce to its customers whenever possible during the growing season. The company currently works with more than 100 local farmers, most of whom have been impacted by recent flooding. Big Y’s buyers are talking with these local farmers every day and listening to their concerns. They have pledged to work closely with each of them so that whenever their replanted crops are available, even if late in the season, they will purchase them at fair market value.

This price guarantee eases the burden on these farmers as they know they have a viable outlet for their efforts. Additionally, Big Y often provides transportation and refrigerated trucks to help their farmers get fruits and vegetables to each store.

“Big Y has always had a strong connection with the farmers in our marketing area,” said Charles L. D’Amour, Big Y president and CEO. “Our teams listen to these farmers every day in order to keep a pulse on each crop as it is harvested and delivered to our markets. We know that our customers appreciate the freshness of this native produce each time they visit one or our stores. We are grateful to our farmers, our local produce teams and our customers for their daily assistance in keeping local agriculture a vibrant part of our community.”

Big Y operates locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut including supermarkets, Table & Vine Fine Wines and Liquors and Big Y Express gas and convenience locations with over 10,000 employees.

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