Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the Bangladeshi diaspora to raise their voice against those who tarnish the image of Bangladesh and spread anti-state propaganda from abroad.

She renewed her call while exchanging views with leaders and activists of the Bangladesh Awami League’s US chapter and expatriate Bangladeshis at a hotel in Washington DC on Friday.

PM’s Deputy Press Secretary KM Shakhawat Moon briefed reporters about the meeting.

“We’ve to be vocal against such propaganda and depict the real picture of Bangladesh,” said  Hasina.

She stated that some organisations that talk about human rights provided a list (of victims of forced enforcement) with names of two fugitive Indians and some persons who are now seen in BNP’s processions.

She said some Bangladeshi people fled the country committing different misdeeds and they have become big clowns abroad.  

“They talk nonsense and whatever they wish against Bangladesh every day on social media taking the advantage of Digital Bangladesh built by us….. You will have to take steps to give proper replies to them,” said the PM, adding that their job is to damage the image of the country by bringing false allegations.

The war criminals, killers of Bangabandhu and their children are among those who are behind the anti-state propaganda, she said.

Sheikh Hasina questioned how the USA that advocates for humanity and human rights can shelter Bangabandhu’s killers who had not spared women and children even a four-year-old.

She said the government holds talks with the USA and requests them time and again to repatriate Rashed Chowdhury, a convicted killer of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The PM said the construction of Padma Bridge was a huge challenge but her government completed it overcoming all sorts of conspiracies and brightened the image of the country in the global arena.

She asked the expatriates to send remittance through legal channels.  Now anyone can  open a bank account with the use of his or her passport  instead of a national identity card, she added.

Hasina asked the Bangladesh diaspora to raise the misdeeds including arson violence done by BNP-Jamaat alliance. Though the blockade enforced by BNP (after the 2014 national election) has not been called off yet, Bangladesh is marching forward, she added. 

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