A Chhatra League leader allegedly has allegedly assaulted three teachers of Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU), Mymensingh.

The allegation was raised against BAU Chhatra League President Khandaker Taifur Rahman, at a press conference of a section of Democratic Teachers Forum at the conference hall of the veterinary science faculty of the university on Tuesday night.

It was claimed at the press conference that the second-semester examination was going on on level 4 of the faculty building. At that time, some students tried to beat up an examinee named Aftab Durbar.

A teacher in charge of the room informed Purba Islam of the matter, general secretary of the section of the teachers’ forum and also a teacher at the department. She then reported the matter to the administration and within moments the proctor and the general secretary of the teachers’ association went to the spot. 

At that time, Aftab went to the room of Purba Islam in the same building to take shelter. 

But at one stage, the proctor left Purba Islam’s room without solving the matter.

A group of students led by Chhatra League leader Taifur Rahman entered the room and attacked Aftab. At that time, Purba Islam and Assistant Proctor Afrina Mustari tried to save Aftab. The attackers assaulted three teachers including Purba Islam and Afrina Mustari. However, the third teacher was not present at the press conference, said the two teachers at the press meet.

Aftab Durbar, who was beaten up by Chhatra League men, is undergoing treatment at Mymensingh Medical College Hospital.

He was the organizing secretary of the previous committee of BAU Chhatra League.

BAU Chhatra League President Khandaker Taifur Rahman CollectedWhen asked, Aftab said there was previous enmity with the current Chhatra League president regarding the committee. However, after the formation of the new committee, he tried several times to resolve the conflict.

Meanwhile, the accused Chhatra League leader said that there are eight allegations against Aftab Durbar including drug abuse. General students demanded to expel him from the university.

Hearing that Aftab was attending the exam, general students went to beat him up, he claimed. 

However, no student assaulted any teacher in his presence. Rumours are being spread against him, added Taifur.

Proctor Mohammad Mahir Uddin could not be reached over the phone despite multiple attempts.

The victim’s family will hold a press conference on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the central Chhatra League committee asked Taifur to respond within the next seven days, accusing him of a breach of discipline.

A press release in this regard was published on the verified Facebook page of Chhatra League, signed by the president and general secretary, on January 10.

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