The Bangladesh government has set a target to build ‘Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041. Work on this has already started. After the formation of ‘Smart Bangladesh Task Force’ under the leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, an executive committee of this task force has also been formed.

Meanwhile, the ruling party has also announced that its slogan in the next election will be ‘Smart Bangladesh’. The party’s General Secretary said this at a press conference. The executive committee formed recently will make recommendations to establish ‘Smart Bangladesh 2041’ as a knowledge-based economy and innovative nation. It means building smart citizens, society, economy and government. Activities in education, health, agriculture and finance will be transformed into smart systems.

There is no alternative to the expansion of technical education. Technically educated youth can further change the face of our economy. Not only in the country,but all over the world. They can easily find suitable and well-paying job opportunities in the international labour market. Thus, a huge tide can be created in our expatriate remittance stream

Thus, integrated activities will be undertaken ito modernize government management and build an efficient and transparent management structure. Besides, various activities will be digitized. Tthe committee will adopt short, medium and long-term plans to implement ‘Smart Bangladesh’, create legal and technical infrastructure and give directions for its implementation at all stages.

Alsothis, formulation and implementation of a time-bound action plan for transforming education, health, agriculture and financial sectors into a smart system, formulation of information-technology regulations in the economic, social, commercial and scientific spheres so as to build a smart and omnipresent governmen.

Even though the whole world is going through an economic recession, the country’s economy is still quite dynamic. Per capita income stands at $2824. Bangladesh is moving along with the rest of the world. The country has reached today’s stage after many ups and downs. Bangladesh was once generally known as poverty-stricken, drought- and flood-affected, and distressed.

But over the last few decades, the people have achieved many impossible things. Now Bangladesh is considered as a role model of development. Digital Bangladesh has shown remarkable success in implementation over the past decade. The use of digital technology in the fields of living, commerce, banking, financial transactions, education, health, medicine, agriculture, industry, communication, entertainment, research and so on. has made everything easy and smooth.

The Smart Bangladesh concept will take the country to new heights. Various preparatory activities have already started.But to build a smart Bangladesh, a lot of things are required, which is still not 100 percent confirmed. First of all, it is necessary to ensure an uninterrupted power supply system, extraction of internal resources of the country and their proper use.

The fourth industrial revolution is the automated contemporary version of ongoing manufacturing and industrial systems using modern smart technologies. This revolution marks the breakthrough era of robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, Internet of Things, 3D printing, fully autonomous vehicles and emerging technologies. The fourth industrial revolution is now on the world’s threshold. The use of advanced technology in production, marketing and consumption is one of its impacts. It is changing people’s way of thinking, producing products and providing services.

The ability of the world’s statesmen is being severely tested. It is also important to make everyone able benefits from the fourth industrial revolution. Proper development of technical education is necessary, so as to master all aspects of modern information technology. But most young people are very interested in modern information technology. A kind of enthusiasm is being observed among them to study this subject. It can undoubtedly be said to be of great help in building a smart Bangladesh.

The development of modern information technology and its balanced use has accelerated people’s political, social and economic development. Mobile banking has revolutionized the economy. The competitive spirit of various mobile banking service providers has encouraged all.

Bangladesh is now on the highway of development. From low income country to lower middle-income. Then from middle income country to developing. Now Bangladesh is dreaming of becoming a developed country. The current government aims to make the country a developed country by 2041. With less land per capita, no other country could make such a history in economic development like Bangladesh. That is why it needs to become increasingly connected to the global economy.

Bangladesh is progressing through various stage. At one time Bangladesh was called a bottomless basket. But the progress of Bangladesh in the last few decades is easy to see. The development of Bangladesh is now a matter of global discussion, and has created a surprise in the international arena.

Currently the total population of Bangladesh is 160 million. As the population pressure is higher than the total volume, scarcity, poverty, unemployment naturally remain. Bangladesh is not able to move forward at the same speed as different countries are. The economy of Bangladesh was once completely dependent on agriculture. But now the garment industry is making an important contribution. Bangladesh has reached a brilliant position as one of the world’s leading garment exporter. Through this, Bangladesh continues to exceed the previous record of foreign exchange earnings every year.

Also new items are being added to our export product list. Nowadays various industrial goods, electronics products manufactured in Bangladesh, are going to many countries. The global categorization of Bangladesh as an agricultural country has changed with time.

Now the global value of technical know-how is easily seen. More than 10 million Bangladeshis are working abroad. Remittances have boosted the economy for a long time. It is possible to increase the amount of foreign exchange currently earned.

Currently, unskilled, uneducated workers without technical knowledge have to work for much less salary than the skilled, experienced and educated workers of other countries. But Bangladesh could earn a huge amount of foreign exchange from this sector. If iyts  workers can go abroad with such suitable jobs after getting a technical education. Bangladeshis work hard, but due to lack of technical education, they get unskilled or semi-skilled jobs. Due to their own limitations and weaknesses, they have to be satisfied with low paid jobs.

One thing everyone must consider seriously, if Bangladesh cannot convert its huge population into manpower or public resources. Its economic, social and political structure will be disrupted in many ways under the pressure of the huge burden of population. Day by day a dire crisis will come before us. Socio-political unrest, criminality, degradation of values, drug addiction etc. will continue to increase unabated.

If most of the citizens of a populous country are able to work and earn money, the economic base is bound to be strong naturally. Bangladesh has to try to transform its population into manpower. Then it will become a public resource.

We all have to come forward consciously with the goal of transforming the human power into a public resource by enriching it with technical knowledge. It is the right way to move the country forward. If the talent, labour and mindset of the unemployed, unskilled youth are not utilized properly, many more disasters can befall Bangladesh. If the country is to be led towards a prosperous and bright future, the huge population burden should be considered a blessing rather than a curse.

There is no alternative to the expansion of technical education. Technically educated youth can further change the face of our economy. Not only in the country,but all over the world. They can easily find suitable and well-paying job opportunities in the international labour market. Thus, a huge tide can be created in our expatriate remittance stream.

For this, people from different sectors should be involved in integrated activities with the aim of building a properly developed modern Bangladesh without limiting it to the election slogans or imagination of a particular party or group. Talented people scattered in different parts of the country should be found and their talent and qualifications should be properly evaluated. Many talented people of this country migrate to different countries due to not getting proper evaluation. They should be encouraged to work within the country. Bigotry, superstition, terrorism, militancy, sick political cultural practices, extortion, social injustice, discrimination, exploitation-deprivation, arbitrariness, irregularity, undemocratic attitudes, corruption must be eradicated by establishing a state system based on social justice. Therefore, if the entire program is conducted with a specific political party or group, it will not be possible to reach the main destination in any way. Smart Bangladesh is not just a program of a group or a political party, it should be the focus of the thoughts and thoughts of the entire 160 million people of Bangladesh. Everyone must be sincere about this.

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