Bangladesh street vendor makes pink tea with dragon fruit but netizens don’t want a sip

Tea is known to everyone in the country. From eating it with hot pakodas to enjoying hot tea during monsoons, netizens simply love their tea. However, a vendor in Bangladesh is selling a new type of tea, leaving netizens confused. A video, which is currently going viral, shows a street food vendor making dragon fruit tea. “Pink dragon fruit tea! These interesting reels come to you from Bangladesh,” read the caption of the video.

In the video, the vendor can be seen pouring hot tea into a glass tumbler and adding dragon fruit extract to the tea. Further in the video, he adds a spoonful of condensed milk to hot tea which later turns pink due to the presence of dragon fruit. Have a look for yourself:

Since being uploaded, the video has gone viral and left many stunned. An Instagram user commented, “Some interesting new guys..just spoiled the mood. It was a good Sunday.” Another user wrote, “Kaal butter chicken wali chai video na dal dena.”

Not only tea but a vendor also experimented with pakodas.

Pakodas and hot tea are deadly combinations that are often consumed in most Indian households, especially during the winter and rainy season. One vendor has experimented with its traditional ingredients by adding chocolate as a filling. In the video, a strange video of the vendor’s process of making dumplings is going viral, making all the dumpling lovers uncomfortable. In a video going viral on social media, the Indian vendor grabs a dairy milk chocolate to proceed with the experimental specialty. The pakodas are made by dipping the filling made of spices in gram flour solution. Replacing the original ingredients, the seller dips a bar of whole chocolate into the liquid batter.

In the next second the batter is deep fried in hot oil. After frying the pakodas, they are taken out and served to the customers. Finally, a man breaks the melted chocolate in two and opens the Dairy Milk Pakora to show it.

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